We know how difficult it is to plan and execute events involving children – but with the help of this list below, you will know the important requirements and surely throw a Birthday party that will turn out to be a grand success!

  1. Cake:

This is the star of the event. It goes without saying, that a party without cake, is just a casual get-together! What is a birthday without making wishes before blowing candles and feeling ecstatic about your family and friends singing to you? This moment is indeed very special and extends the amount of happiness being felt!
The finest birthday cake should be chosen, that surpasses all your expectation – look wise and taste wise! You can go along with simple flavor or theme cakes!

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  1. Decide a theme:

Deciding on a theme brings along the significance of all the other elements of the birthday party. It would give you clarity over making the decoration decisions and further, with a proper sense of direction. Bringing in a theme makes it very exciting and unique to remember! Choose according to the trend, or go along with what hints at your child’s interests.

  1. Hype Invitation:

This aspect is most ignored, yet most creative! Inviting other children with an unconventional invite can hype up the excitement around the children and make them feel like they shouldn’t miss out on this one! Direct communication is effective, yet the latest trend of E-inviting can take it up a notch!

  1. Innovative Decoration:

A party cannot look like a party without the confetti and jazz! Go local shop hunting – you never know what new things you could find. Show off your creativity with this segment of party-planning, as it is the first thing that everyone lays their eyes upon – and it sets the right tone of ambience with the gathering. Some ideas include –
Chalk board – for letting the artist in every child wander.
Drapes and Lights – Perfectly picturesque.
Balloons filled with goodies – the thrill of finding something when its bursts, is extremely joyous.
Thematic Mascots – For the ones who love characters, seeing them live makes it very exciting.

  1. Photographing:

Creating memories – and snapping them for future reminiscing, is the best way to spend all your time in the party. You can choose either to click yourself or rent out a professional for candid moments. Capturing the organizing and hard work you put, to bring smiles on everyone’s faces is very essential and legit.

  1. Entertainment:

This is the main crux of the party. Choosing from a range of sketching, painting, balloon sculptors, dance competition, storytelling, and magic shows etcetera is a must. Keeping the children entertained and fascinated so they have stories to tell the ones who didn’t come, is very valuable to the birthday child. If you can do outdoor, having an inflatable trampoline / slide can be a fun event. Or you can make them play board games!

  1. Tasty Food:

Go for a child-opted menu of healthy junk – popcorn, ice cream, fondue, chocolates and desserts! They need to be sated else they can become difficult to manage!

  1. Return Gifts:

Every child remembers the joy of taking a gift back home even when they didn’t celebrate their birthday! Return gifts can be anything – handmade gifts, cookies, small trinkets, or printed pictures of the party! All of it ensures all the children being ecstatic and enthusiastic!

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