Types of Cakes to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


Cake Park has been a pioneer in producing high quality, tasty cakes for a long time. Our seamless efforts to bring satisfaction to our customers for their money’s worth has established us as one of the best cake shops in chennai.

We have a diverse collection of cakes under these types. Our cakes are worth every rupee as they bring you maximum satisfaction at reasonable prices.

Birthday Cakes

Celebrating the day one was born is an exciting day full of joy and recalling memories. Cake Park has an extensive menu of birthday cakes that will bring out all the sweet memories as you share them with your friends and family. We only make fresh and creamy cakes for your special day!

Wedding Cakes

Have you found the Right person for you? We don’t know nor can we help you with that. But we can help you with choosing the Right Wedding cake ! Our wide collection of tasty wedding cakes will make sure your best day of your life sweeter. Tie the knot with delicious wedding cakes from Cake Park.

Theme Cakes

Everyone has an interest and taste. We can also make sure your cake looks like your interests. Having a themed party at office on occasion of festival or special day? Try our exciting range of theme cakes. It’s your party, so you choose the theme !

Shape Cakes

As the name suggests, Shape Cakes come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. We can customize the shape for your needs and your wallet. Cake Park’s shape cakes are wonderful pieces of art and making them is a piece of cake for us !

Exotic Cakes

Exotic Cakes take your taste buds to another level of awesomeness. They are made of the finest cream and superbly textured to bring bliss to you ! Every bite you take will create a royal sensation around you and make you crave for more !

Regular Fresh Cream Cakes

Our regular fresh cream cakes works on the principle simple but efficient. Enjoy the scrumptious taste of freshly made cream cakes. Works for any occasion and time. Designed to melt in your mouths and cause a tasty explosion at the same time !

Photo Cakes

Have a photo you want made into a cake? We delight in mesmerizing you with our Photo Cakes collection in addition to customized photo cakes. Photo Cakes are perfect for photography lovers and others who love realism.

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